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Interactive Workshops to Leverage Strengths

As a SERIOUSWORK Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP), I create experiences that change “lean backward meetings” to “lean forward meetings”, where the result is more participation, more insights surfaced, more engagement and, ultimately, more commitment and faster implementations.

Building off individual strengths identified through Clifton StrengthsFinder, my interactive workshops start with self and move outward to help teams recognize their inherent strengths to collaborate and co-create more effectively




Focus on Co-Creation and Team Problem Solving

LSP is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique used around the world with organizations, teams and individuals. It draws on extensive research from the fields of business, organizational development, psychology and learning, and is based on the concept of “hand knowledge.”

My workshop approach is based on a set of fundamental beliefs about leadership and organizations:

  • Leaders don’t have all the answers

  • Their success is dependent on hearing all voices in the room

  • People naturally want to contribute, be part of something bigger and take ownership

  • All too often, teams work sub optimally leaving knowledge untapped in team members

  • We live in a world which best can be described as complex and adaptive and allowing each member to contribute and speak out results in a more sustainable business

Customizable to Meet Team Objectives

By combining Clifton StrengthsFinder and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in a single workshop, we can accomplish a range of objectives including:

  • Fostering co-creativity

  • Understanding of interdependent roles and responsibilities

  • Identifying workflow, process, and communication breakdowns

  • Imagining future possibilities

  • Clarifying priorities 

  • Prototyping solutions

  • Recognizing stakeholder relationships inside and outside of the organization

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