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Realize Your Vision


Making a Change

Simply put, coaching is about facilitating change. When you’re really ready to thrive, I can help you activate and expedite growth, effectively and efficiently.

Working the Plan

The formalization of an

Action Plan is key to

getting the results that

you want to achieve, and

ensures that we stay on

track throughout our



As your accountability partner, I help you stay on track -- tapping into your resourcefulness through thought-provoking questions, challenges and support.


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My mission is to “nurture curiosity” -- tapping into my clients’ natural desire to explore, grow and lead.


Coming from the mad world of New York advertising, I have evolved from being an ad man who knows all the answers, to recognizing that most leaders are fully capable of making the right decisions -- particularly when they have a supportive, collaborative and creative-minded coach working with them to get past their blind spots and see new possibilities.


Prior to beginning my executive coaching practice, I was known for managing fast-growing and profitable creative service companies, delivering year-over-year top line and bottom line growth. Within WPP's Grey Advertising, I built a New York-based branding and design company from the ground up, and managed a sales promotion network across multiple offices. At MDC, I ran the West Coast office of a global social media agency.


In short, I know how to consistently bring out the best in people and teams, inspire original and bold ideas, deliver high-ROI value to clients, and cultivate meaningful partnerships.


I live in Southern California and travel extensively with my branding consultancy and executive coaching work. 

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An effective partnership and working alliance with your coach is the first step to achieving your desired results.

Don't take my word for it, read dozens of client testimonials on Linkedin.



Making a Change

Simply put, executive coaching is about facilitating change. Clients typically come to me because they acknowledge that they are looking to learn and grow, and my role is to help facilitate that process, effectively and efficiently.


Partnership Approach 


Executive Coaching is based on a partnership of equals. I know you are resourceful. ​My role is to help you tap into your resourcefulness through thought-provoking questions, challenges and support.

While we will briefly review how you got here and identify what has worked (and not worked) in the past, our objective is to become clear about where you are today, the future you want to craft, and how to address the obstacles in the way. Through increased self-awareness, you will be able to tackle your most urgent matters – developing strategies to harness your energy and resources that will help you move forward with clarity of purpose and authenticity towards your work and life goals. 

Creating an Action Plan


We will work together to create and implement a bespoke Action Plan that addresses your unique needs and desired outcomes. Within the Action Plan we will identify goals, strengths, obstacles, awareness practices (internal work), and measurable behavioral changes (external work). Importantly, we will outline metrics for success, with specific milestones to ensure that we are optimizing your ROI.


The formalization of an Action Plan is key to facilitating the results that you want to achieve, and ensures that we stay on task and on track throughout our engagement.


As I work alongside you to help you deepen your self-awareness and build your capacity to tackle new opportunities, your responsibility is to come to each session prepared with an agenda of what you want to get traction on, practice new behaviors that align with how you want to reposition yourself, and share reflections on what is/is not working.



How It Works

Most coaching engagements consist of three to nine months of interaction, depending on the desired outcomes. Typically, we'll meet every week or two in person or via Zoom, as agreed upon in our coaching contract.


Homework will be defined and completed by you. I have a long list of recommended reading should you be so inclined, but if not, that's okay too. As partners in the process, I expect you to be putting in the same level of time, energy, and commitment as I do. This is the only way to maximize the effectiveness of our work together.


All information exchanged between us during the individual sessions will be considered confidential and private and will not be disclosed to anyone unless required by law. You may choose to share information arising from these sessions with anyone you chose.



Areas of Focus


Areas of focus in a coaching engagement may include, but are not limited to:


  • ​Self Identity

  • Effective communications

  • Team management

  • Executive presence

  • Managing conflict

  • Career transition

  • Work-life balance

  • Building relationships

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Self care

  • Organization alignment

FutureFocus Day

FutureFocus Day



As a Hudson Certified Coach, I work with their highly-structured, world-class methodology, designed to create lasting change. A key part of this methodology focuses on the inner work — developing a deep level of awareness of your habits, beliefs and behaviors so you can break through the obstacles inhibiting your overall effectiveness. We then work together to identify and define your behavioral goals that will lead to sustainable, positive change.


Although our work will primarily focus on your professional objectives, throughout a coaching engagement we'll look at your whole life to ensure that the positive change impacts your entire world for the better.

The Hudson Methodology Model​


Jason Press
It's not that complicated...

If you're interested in Nurturing Curiosity through executive coaching, reach out and let's see if it's a good fit. 
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